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Marketing Service Station

    Brand Guide
    The MSM brand is one of our most valuable marketing tools. On this channel, you will find branding resources ranging from tag lines and official colors to MSM branded templates. 
    Communications Form
    Do you have news that you would like shared with the MSM Community?  Click this link to submit your news for inclusion in MSM in the News. 
    The events channel has a variety of resources to help you plan a successful event.

    MSM logos are our most frequently used, recognizable branding tool. A variety of logos may be downloaded from this channel. 
    MARCOMM Staff
    The team is looking forward to leveraging marketing and communications strategies to advance the MSM mission and support institution-wide initiatives.  
    Powerpoint Templates
    Download the zip file, which contains all the available branded images and instructions on how to make any of the images your PowerPoint presentation template. 
    Press Packets
    Attending an off-campus event or planning an on-campus event and need information about MSM? Please use this toolkit to put together folders, press packets and other meeting needs.
    Vendor List
    The vendor list channel provides links to MSM preferred vendors. 
    Website Content Updates
    The website content channel provides information on how to make updates to your existing webpage, how to request new webpages, and links to MSM social media.