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Public Safety Classes

A variety of classes are offered by the Department of Public Safety. Classes are offered to any MSM employee or student.  Family members are welcome to attend.  Some self defense classes are offered at a cost to the individual. 

For additional information or to schedule any of the classes listed below, please call Chief Chevalier at 404-756-5773


Basic Safety Awareness and Self Defense

Learn the importance of being aware of your surroundings and basic self defense techniques (2 hours of classroom and hands on instruction)


Basic Self Defense

Self defense techniques taught by in-house and guest instructors (2 hours of hands on instruction).


Basic Weapons Safety

The numbers of households with weapons in them is growing rapidly and the number of weapons related accidents in the home continue to rise. Learn crucial safety procedures that could prevent an accident from happening in your home (2 hours of classroom and questions and answers about weapons).


Detecting Persons Carrying Concealed Weapons

Learn what it looks like when persons are carrying concealed weapons (2 hours of hands on instruction).


Local Area Crimes and Statistics

Learn what crimes are being committed in our area and what precautions you should take to help to avoid becoming a victim (1 hour class).


Traffic Stops – “From the Officer’s Eyes”

Learn all about traffic stops including what to do when pulled over by the police, and why we do what we do when we pull you over (2 hour class).


Using Modern Technology to Equip Yourself and Your Home for Self Defense

See the latest technology has to offer in equipping your person and your home for monitoring and self defense (2 hour class with hands on equipment).


Your Family Security Plan – Part One

Learn what a family security plan in and how to develop your own (2 hour class).


Your Family Security Plan – Part Two

Building your family security plan – step by step