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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

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HIPAA is the single most significant Federal legislation affecting the health care industry since implementation of the 1965 Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Title I of the Act improves the portability and continuity of health insurance coverage for millions of American workers and their families.

Title II provides for administrative simplification that requires the development of standards for the electronic exchange of health care information. Administrative simplification also requires rules to protect the privacy of personal health information and the development of standard identifiers.Titles three, four and five address tax related issues and enforcement of group health plan requirements.This site is intended to create awareness of the Administrative Simplification section of the law.

Information on this site will provide the faculty, students and staff with:

  • Information and Training on HIPAA issues
  • General Guidance on HIPAA institutional compliance issues
  • Links to other web resources on HIPAA

If you have any additional questions, call the Office of Compliance and Internal Audit at (404) 756-8919.