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Code of Conduct

Download the MSM Code of Conduct

Morehouse School of Medicine (“MSM”) is committed to conducting all aspects of its education, research and clinical activities in an ethical and legal fashion. Compliance is a shared commitment among all staff, faculty, residents, students, trainees, and contractors, and everyone is responsible for acting with integrity at all times and for upholding the standards and policies established by MSM.

In support of its compliance efforts, MSM has implemented a Code of Conduct that provides guiding standards for our decisions and actions as members of the MSM community. The standards and principles set forth within the Code of Conduct are mandatory. Everyone must remain true to those principles even under internal or external pressure to do otherwise. While the Code cannot address every situation we may encounter, and is not a substitute for individual judgment or personal integrity, it does provide a guide as to how we interact with each other, our patients, those with whom we do business, and the communities in which we work. It is the duty of each member of the MSM community to read, understand, and conduct themselves in keeping with the principles and guidelines set forth in the MSM Code of Conduct.

New Hire Attestation
All newly hired staff, faculty, residents, students, and agents of MSM are required to read the Code of Conduct and sign an attestation.

Annual Attestation
At the beginning of each fiscal year, all staff, faculty, residents, students, and agents of MSM are required to sign an annual attestation to the Code of Conduct.