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Educational Technology Tutorials

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The Tools of Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology has a variety of technology options available to help create your training/educational materials. Some require a member of our staff to operate, others are available for MSM departments to check out and operate on their own. Instructional Technology is committed to helping MSM faculty and staff educate better and learn more!

Turning Point
Audience Response System (aka - Clickers)

Video Production
Instructional Technology has the ability to create short and simple videos for educational use. Many times these videos are incorporated into larger multimedia projects, but we can also post the videos to be streamed from the internet or encode the video onto CD or DVD formats. This service is reserved to support Medical Education needs.

The Mediasite is a combination of technologies whose end-results is a Web page with video and slides from a PowerPoint presentation. The video is usually a "talking head" of the presenter as he/she is presenting and the slides are the actual slides shown at the live presentation. This tool allows use to broadcast a live event over the web to persons not on campus. It also allows us to archive the event so that it may be viewed on demand--any time, anywhere.  Click here to view an example of a MediaSite presentation.

Adobe Captivate is a tool that records your desktop and the mouse as you perform tasks. The application will also record your voice. This allows the trainer to record tutorials for different tasks inside any application while giving verbal instructions or explanations to the viewer. The resulting files are Flash files that are posted to the Internet and viewable without needing to download specialized plug-ins.

CD-ROMs are the most popular way to deliver high-quality multimedia educational materials. Users do not experience the disconnect that is caused when downloading media rich files from the Internet. On a CD (or DVD) the content integration is seamless. Instructional Technology has the ability to create custom applications on a CD that expand the multimedia presentation's functionalities. We can also make simple menu-driven discs that gather multiple Captivate or MediaSite presentations. Custom printed labels and mass duplicating are also services we offer to the MSM community.